Dr Ragini Mohite

Assistant Professor, FLAME University, India

PhD, University of Leeds, 2016

MA, University of Leeds, 2011

BA (Hons.), University of Mumbai, 2010

Associate Fellow, Higher Education Academy, 2016

I am a specialist in twentieth-century literature, with particular interests in Irish and South Asian writings, poetry, archival work, World Literature, transnationalism, and postcolonialism.

I have been a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leeds, and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Leeds Humanities Research Institute.

Buy my book Modern Writers, Transnational Literatures: Rabindranath Tagore and W. B. Yeats (2021) Here.

Read my article "Henry Moore’s Narayana and Bhataryan: theatre of sacrifice" in Sculpture Journal, vol 30, is 3, 2021 Here

I am a reviewer and have written for the James Joyce Broadsheet, Stand magazine, Hong Kong Review of Books, South Asian Diaspora, International Yeats Studies.

I tweet at @RaginiMohite

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