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My talk for the National Library of Ireland to commemorate the centenary of Yeats's Nobel Prize in Literature, titled "W.B. Yeats' India: Revisiting Yeats' engagements with interlocutors from the subcontinent" is now available on YouTube. Watch it here!

My university just announced a partnership with University College Dublin. Scroll to see me in the photos of the announcement. Was delighted to have the chance to be a part of this collaboration!

Come hear me talk about "W.B. Yeats's India: Revisiting Yeats's Engagements with Interlocutors from the Subcontinent" for the National Library of Ireland on 17th October 2023. It's online and free to book!

Read my latest article "Yeats 2015 and the Crowdsourced Audio Archive: Pedagogical Possibilities for Poetry" in the latest issue of International Yeats Studies. It's open Access!

See the latest review of my book Modern Writers, Transnational Literatures Here. PDF available

Register here to join me for a webinar on Yeats and Tagore hosted by Global Irish Studies, Georgetown University

Read the first review of Modern Writers, Transnational Literatures Here

Modern Writers, Transnational Literatures: Rabindranath Tagore and W. B. Yeats was recently included in the Irish Studies Online collection by Liverpool University Press (launched September 2021). See the collection Here

I recently spoke at the College of Humanities and Education, KIMEP University, Kazakhstan


Listen to me talk about Yeats, Tagore, and Gitanjali here.

Read my blog on reading Tagore's play The Post Office in a pandemic. Available on the Liverpool University Press Blog and below.

The Poetry Question asked me to do a #TPQ5. 

Read My Review of Githa Hariharan's I Have Become the Tide Here

Read my Review of Tabish Khair's Night of Happiness Here

Read my Review of Moshin Hamid's Exit West Here

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